Alchemy Events

Background: Alchemy Events came to amshot with a site that they did not feel captured the essence of the business. They had a pre-existing logo and brand colors.

Client needed: A website with a “designer” aesthetic — clean and elegant, exuding the same feel as the elaborate wedding and special events industry the company works in.

What we came up with: Although the previous website utilized a basic design, it was too simplistic to reflect the unique and glamorous nature of the events the company designed. Even the name, Alchemy Events, represents turning basic matter into gold.

The website was redesigned to be white and incorporate “shiny” gold accents, utilize the same artistic font as the logo, and include details with a polished look, since in the events industry, “it’s all in the details.”

The fullwidth banner image and several other elements on the home page were pared down to a mobile-friendly slideshow of event images and a static section showcasing Alchemy Events’ features in influential industry press.

The top-level navigation was narrowed down for simplicity, with the “Services” and “Press” categories now hosting the “Portfolio,” “Raves,” and “Blog” categories.
The navigation and other header text on the site uses the same font as the logo, and the navigation features a “shiny” gold hover effect.

The portfolio page was reduced to three simple categories, each of which is represented by a circular image. Each individual wedding is displayed with a sample photo in the same round filter, and the full portfolio for each wedding features a visually-pleasing perfect grid of images, which corrects for both horizontal and vertical images. Every vendor is listed with links to their websites on the wedding pages, which is offered as an extra service to potential clients but also boosts the site’s SEO thanks to the high number of external links.

The “Press” page was added with the ability to visually browse instances of Alchemy Events featured in the media as well as giving viewers the ability to click through and read the entire article.

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Jamaica Joe’s

Background: Jamaica Joe’s came to amshot with an older site that was not SEO compatible as it was largely image-based. They had a logo and brand colors.

Client needed: An SEO-compatible and mobile-friendly site that search engines could crawl.

What we came up with: A more traditional website with plenty of pictures and text elements discoverable by search engines. Jamaica Joe’s colorful logo and brand colors are toned down but still fun with the primarily grey, yellow, and white site. Brand-defining neon sign navigation buttons from the previous, image-based site were utilized as page headers, while a traditional navigation bar was implemented for search engine readability. The Home page now includes contact information and a map in the main body of the page, which is crucial for on-the-go consumers.

On the image-based older version of the site, mobile visitors would see a shrunken version of the desktop site, which was difficult to navigate. The new site is mobile-friendly and does not simply shrink, but rearranges elements for mobile usability.

The Grill and Billiards pages now display text menus, rather than images, that are searchable and able to be crawled by search engines, significantly increasing Jamaica Joe’s search engine visibility.

Images are still highly utilized in the gallery page, where a masonry gallery was used to give visitors an overall feel of Jamaica Joe’s atmosphere rather than viewing each image individually. On the website footer, Tournaments, and Leagues pages, employees are still able to use their process of uploading images of flyers to advertise upcoming events, but they are organized in a more readable way.

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Roan Resources

Background: Roan Resources came to amshot as a new organization with a one-page site that was not very developed. They had a logo and brand colors — two “back-to-back” letter Rs in deep blue hues.

Client needed: A multi-page but simple website, with an extra-simplified mobile version and a few unique touches.

What we came up with: A full-width, simplistic design with various shades of deep blue, using a sans-serif font that resembles their logo font. The mobile and tablet versions of the site feature the header images as the only text to make them easier to read and navigate — a lightweight and faster version of the site.

The images featured on the site were digitally enhanced for brighter colors that better complement the brand colors and reflect the company’s vibrant culture. After requesting a drone video header for their “About” page, the clients were referred to a local drone videographer that was able to produce a customized video.

Site visitors have the ability to upload resumes in the “Careers” section of the site, and investors and suppliers can download necessary documents in the “Contact” section.

Contact information is available on the home page and the Contact page and is not displayed in the footer for easier readability and simplicity, per the client’s request. Because the footer, which typically holds contact information, was fairly blank, an inverted-color version of the client’s logo is displayed to fill out the section.

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Open Door Baptist Church

Background: Open Door Baptist Church came to amshot with an older site that was somewhat outdated. They did not have a logo, but had previously chosen bright green and yellow as their brand colors to represent new life and sunshine.

Client needed: A logo, email addresses with the church’s web domain, and a modernized website where visitors could easily find church beliefs, service times, and contact information.

What we came up with: A logo that incorporated their brand colors, represented their organization’s name, and gave them a modern update. The logo mimics a door that is slightly open, but the clean, minimalistic shapes and sans serif font gives the brand a modern feel.

Email addresses were set up with the church’s web domain to add a level of professionalism and consistency to their organization. Their header image portrays an open door as well as their green and yellow brand colors, which are meant to represent new life and sunshine. The header image also displays their name-bearing Bible verse, and a script, handwritten-style font was chosen for the key words to add visual interest and reflect the appearance of old-timey Scripture. Immediately below the header image, Open Door’s tagline is displayed in the same script font.

The next section of the Home page gives the location of the church, some of their basic beliefs, and their foundational Bible verses. The home page also features an image of the church to help new visitors recognize the building, as well as their full contact information.

On all other pages of the website, service times, location, directions, and contact information can be found on the sidebar for easy access. The phone number can also be found on the preheader at the very top right of every page.

User experience was optimized on the “Know peace?” page, a FAQ section, by replacing a a long, difficult to read page with an accordion interface. Bullets on the About page were replaced with animated checkmarks for interactivity.

An audio sermon archive was included on the site as a resource for church members. In the future, amshot will work with Open Door Church to implement a live video feed page on their website to provide church members with additional resources.

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Skyline Bricktown

Background: Skyline Bricktown came to amshot as a new company without a website. Their logo is a red and grey rendering of the Skyline building with an all caps, sans-serif font.

Client needed: An image-heavy website that showed off their venue.

What we came up with: An image-focused, neutral colored site with pops of brightly colored images.

The website is “parallax,” so all necessary information is listed on the front page to briefly summarize the venue. The parallax design allows potential clients to easily determine if the venue is a good fit for their event and contact the venue if interested.

Because venue images are vital to the client’s business, we included a clean, grid-style gallery that visually highlights unique features and events held at the venue.

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Fly Film Festival

Background: The FLY Film Festival came to amshot with an older site that was somewhat outdated. Their logo is brightly colored and whimsical.

Client needed: An updated, modern site with a nice scheduling module for relevant dates. As a sponsor-funded operation, providing significant real estate on the site for donors is important.

What we came up with: A greyscale site with pops of bright colors found in their logo. The color scheme ensured that the site was not overwhelmingly colorful, but still captured the festival’s vibrant personality.

The Home page features the festival’s most crucial pieces of information front and center: the festival dates and location. We also purchased a special plugin that easily allows site admins to post a clean, professional schedule of films. Large sponsor logos are featured at the bottom of the page.

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Antioch Energy

Background: Antioch Energy came to amshot as a new company without a website. Their logo includes various shades of brown and a sophisticated font.

Client needed: A website that 1) featured their drone footage of downtown OKC where they are located, 2) incorporated more colors than their logo as not to look monochromatic, 3) included a timeline of their organization’s history, and 4) included a “newsroom” page that looked similar to a newspaper.

What we came up with: Antioch Energy had a specific set of requests that made designing their website fun and challenging. Their home page header “image” is a fullscreen video featuring their drone footage. The header is transparent as not to take away from the footage, but transitions into a regular, opaque header as visitors scroll down the page.

The header images on each page are brightly colored with yellows, blues, and browns to tie into the logo while providing visual interest.

A large part of the site’s appeal is its interactivity and movement, including the home page drone footage. To maintain the tech-savvy feel on yet another page, the About page features an Antioch Energy timeline that slides in from each side as the visitor scrolls down the page.

The site also has a Newsroom page that features images of actual Antioch Energy newspaper articles, as well as a grid-style press release layout reminiscent of a newspaper.

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The Cage

Background: The Cage OKC came to amshot with a “static” website that was not very interactive. Their brand colors are black and white.

Client needed: A sporty-looking site that would allow them to 1) sell their sports gear, 2) post players’ stats after games, and 3) display and edit a schedule of upcoming events. The Cage OKC also needed a secondary brand color to add visual interest. As a sponsor-funded operation, providing significant real estate on the site for donors is important.

What we came up with: A primarily black and white site with pops of bright blue for contrast. The blue chosen is reminiscent one of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s accent colors and proves to be an “athletic-looking” combo when paired with black and white.

We purchased a sports-centric plugin that allows users to easily and attractively display stats, scoring leaders, team information, and schedules. We also purchased an e-commerce plugin that allows the users to sell sports gear in a professional setting. Large “presenting sponsors’” logos are featured in the footer.

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Gerald L. Gamble Co.

Background: Gerald L. Gamble Co. came to amshot with an older website that was somewhat outdated. The site was not dynamic; it was not mobile-friendly and appeared as a small square on large screens. The client was also having trouble displaying their real estate properties. Gerald L. Gamble Co. had an established logo and colors—red-orange, black, and white with an underlined, serif font.

Client needed: As a real estate company, Gerald L. Gamble Co. needed an updated, dynamic/mobile-optimized site, prominently featuring their accreditations, with a friendly interface for displaying their properties.

What we came up with: A simple design playing off the line in their logo with serif header fonts to match the logo fonts. Accreditations are prominently featured on every page in the header, and visitors can easily find listed properties through the “Properties” button on the header or “Properties for Sale & Lease: Show Me!” button on the front page.

Gerald L. Gamble Co. uses third party vendor LoopNet to list properties. On their old site, visitors were redirected to LoopNet’s website to view Gerald L. Gamble properties rather than being able to view them directly on the Gerald L. Gamble Co. website. We worked directly with LoopNet while they were in the process of developing this functionality and were able to set up an API (application program interface) that allowed visitors to stay on the Gerald L. Gamble Co. website when browsing properties, a crucial component of their business.

Like most modern sites, the new site is mobile-optimized and dynamically fits to any size screen.

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The Downtown Club of OKC

Background: The Downtown Club of OKC came to amshot with an older site that was somewhat outdated. The site was not dynamic; it was not mobile-friendly and appeared as a small square on large screens. They had a black, white, and grey logo featuring a tower with a small gold window and an all caps, sans-serif font.

Client needed: A modernized site with a mobile-friendly page featuring their monthly speakers.

What we came up with: The Downtown Club of OKC had a header image of the Oklahoma City skyline, but it was older and did not include the recently built Devon Tower. We took their original image, added in the Devon Tower to complete the skyline, and simplified the color, leaving the original blue sky for visual interest but colorizing the skyline gold to match the brand’s accent color.

The speaker page is crucial to the organization, whose main events are meetups featuring notable speakers. On the old site, the speaker calendar was not mobile-friendly as it was previously formatted as a table. We reformatted the page to appear correctly on any size device.

The header font is all caps and sans serif to mirror the logo font.

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Vector Petroleum

Background: Vector Petroleum came to amshot as a new company without a website. They did not have a logo or brand colors.

Client needed: A logo, brand colors, and a simple site with the company’s basic information.

What we came up with: Playing off of the word “vector” (as in, vector graphic) and the letter “V,” we designed a clean logo reminiscent of a “V” and made up of two vector shapes.

The site is simple and subdued, and the sidebar on every page features the site’s key information: contact info.


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