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OKC Midtown Rotary

Background: Midtown Rotary came to amshot with a ClubRunner website, a pre-built site designed for Rotary clubs and other organizations. The site offered little customization and organization options. Midtown Rotary had a pre-existing logo and brand colors, but was not able to utilize all brand colors on their site due to the limitations of ClubRunner.

Client needed: A website that reflected the young, fun, and modern culture of their organization and members with more customization and organizational options.

What we came up with: A member-focused site that utilizes Rotary’s bright colors and features plenty of images in an organized, user-friendly manner.

The inclusion of Rotary’s magenta and bright blue colors brings to light the young feel that the organization wanted to portray. The colors are utilized in alternating headers, diagonal page separators, and throughout the site.

While the ClubRunner site featured a few navigational sections, the organization didn’t have the flexibility to add new sections or include forms.The new site is more streamlined and features several new sections, including a Foundation, Community, and Spelling Beer page (Midtown Rotary’s annual fundraiser). Site visitors are now able to nominate service projects, apply to be a Spelling Beer Sponsor, and view past service projects in a blog-like format rather than a neverending feed, allowing visitors to easily sort through past projects.

The site is significantly more user-friendly and mobile-friendly, allowing the organization to display its modern tilt.



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