Our team enjoys exploring new trends, getting involved in our OKC community, and staying up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the world of tech. Occasionally, we’ll also discuss various aspects of managed IT services, software development, & web design.

Shaking IT Up

Shaking IT Up amshot is redefining the expectations for IT   When most people think of IT, they think of long email chains asking for a simple fix, scouring Google just to understand what’s going on, and cheesy on-hold music that you practically memorize. We understand that can be a reality when working with traditional IT […]

Can Lawyers Handle the Truth?

Can Lawyers Handle the Truth? Forget the filing cabinets and invest in the benefits and innovations in legal technology   Technology is changing the culture of the legal system. Before a reliable alternative was available, lawyers were toting around bags filled with hundreds of sheets of paper— but with the customizable software and accessible technology […]

Virtually Official

Virtually Official What is a vCIO and why does your business need one?   As a company that started as a small business, we know how much work goes into running a successful start-up. Cultivating leads, handling business technology, hiring the right employees, executing client work, managing policies and benefits—it’s exhausting just thinking about it. […]

amshot Eats OKC

amshot Eats OKC

amshot Eats OKC amshot’s favorite local eateries, from breakfast to breweries   Typically, we do a lot of tech-talk around the office, but there is more to amshot than IT and software. As a local business, we are big supporters of the Keep It Local vibe in OKC and we like to get involved around […]

Power BI

It’s Kind of a BIg Deal

It’s Kind of a BIg Deal The importance of Business Intelligence (BI) to companies of all sizes We all want to know where our business is going, what we can expect for the future and, better yet, the margins of success we will see in the upcoming months. But in order to see the future, […]

Buy It or Customize It

Buy It or Customize It Evaluating your company’s current software and the advantages of using custom software/applications   Off-the-shelf or tailor-made? The choice seems easy when it comes to clothes—Why would I wear something that just fits when I could wear something custom made for me?—but what about in terms of business software? Originally, software […]

The Internet of (all) Things?

The Internet of (all) Things? IoT leaks top the list of cyber threats to small- and medium-sized businesses in 2018   Technology is more accessible than ever and can control everything from your business transactions to the lighting in your home, but all of this interconnectivity comes with a risk. Hackers are becoming bolder by […]