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Demystifying the Cloud: the Pros and Cons of Software as a Service

Ten years ago, the cloud was just a buzzword. Now, it’s a way of life for many businesses. Most people at this point are at least familiar with the idea of subscribing to software that lives online versus installing software locally on their computer. This very blog is being written on Google Docs, software accessed […]

IT Alert: Don’t Try To ‘DIY’ These 3 Seemingly Simple Things

Someone, somewhere ended up calling a plumber in a panic because they YouTubed a fix for their leaky faucet, and their kitchen turned into a swimming pool. Two years of pandemic in the rearview, and we’ve all grown a little more tech savvy. Most of us are pretty confident using and troubleshooting the tools we […]

You Need To Offer a Remote Work Option in 2021

Here’s why (and how) work-from-home is becoming the new normal  Work is changing, and we must evolve with it.  A shift toward remote work was always inevitable because, for many jobs, it doesn’t really matter where the computer is that you sit in front of. Why waste time and money on commuting and office space? […]

Here Are the Mistakes You’re Making That Put Your Data at Risk

How you’re almost asking for your data to be stolen through bad passwords and indifference. Protecting your data is pretty important. We even wrote a whole blog about why backing it up is mission critical. As crucial as it is to safeguard your data within your organization, it’s just as essential to keep it out […]

4 Reasons You Need a Data Backup Solution YESTERDAY

4 Reasons You Need a Data Backup Solution YESTERDAY, and what you can do to protect yourself from disaster. What are you doing to safeguard your business’ critical data? In the age of cloud-based and technology-driven services, every organization needs to have a solution in place for data backup and recovery. Today, data is an […]