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Here Are the Mistakes You’re Making That Put Your Data at Risk

How you’re almost asking for your data to be stolen through bad passwords and indifference. Protecting your data is pretty important. We even wrote a whole blog about why backing it up is mission critical. As crucial as it is to safeguard your data within your organization, it’s just as essential to keep it out […]

4 Reasons You Need a Data Backup Solution YESTERDAY

4 Reasons You Need a Data Backup Solution YESTERDAY, and what you can do to protect yourself from disaster. What are you doing to safeguard your business’ critical data? In the age of cloud-based and technology-driven services, every organization needs to have a solution in place for data backup and recovery. Today, data is an […]

The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma

Background: The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma, the new unified voice of Oklahoma oil and gas, is the product of the merging of OIPA (Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association) and OKOGA (Oklahoma Oil & Gas Association). Client needed: A permanent website that reflected newly formed partnership. What we came up with: As their previous site was temporary, […]

Vinyard Fruit & Vegetable Co.

Background: Vinyard came to amshot with an older site that had some functionality issues. They had a pre-existing logo and brand colors. Client needed: A modernized, updated site with more images and a better user interface. What we came up with: A modernized, mobile-friendly and user-friendly site that places an emphasis on quality produce with […]

OKC Midtown Rotary

Background: Midtown Rotary came to amshot with a ClubRunner website, a pre-built site designed for Rotary clubs and other organizations. The site offered little customization and organization options. Midtown Rotary had a pre-existing logo and brand colors, but was not able to utilize all brand colors on their site due to the limitations of ClubRunner. […]