Refurbished apple products the way to go?

I will start this out by saying that if available I always buy apple refurbished products. If you are a student you can buy new for about the same price as refurbished just remember to go to the student section.

There is a special little area in the apple store in the left hand of the page, the button looks like this. It is towards the bottom on the left side of the page, and that little blue symbol is where I always go when I am shopping for iMacs, MacBooks and iDevices. I have never had a client and I personally have never been let down by shopping here. 


If you have the time and what you want is available you can save a substantial amount on apple products. From iPads to iMacs your savings can be as much as $450.00 . These products come with new batteries and cases so they appear brand new and most importantly these products come with an identical warranty as new apple products, the only major difference is that you will get a generic box (this may be a deal breaker to some “unboxing geeks”).

Check out CNET for more info


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