Carlos Garcia

Favorite Quote:

One team, one fight

~Military Motto

Carlos Garcia


When it comes to technology, no two problems are ever the same, and Carlos’ penchant for creative problem solving has propelled his career in IT. Starting on the ground floor of the helpdesk in 2014, it took him just two years to ascend to the role of Systems Administrator of the Oklahoma City Zoo. After four years, he joined the amshot team as a Senior Systems Administrator, bringing that same drive for problem-solving and delivering solutions.

Not content with only administrating IT systems, Carlos is currently working toward a degree in Business Administration. he is excited and inspired to be on the forefront of the accelerating push toward cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity unfolding today.

And what does Carlos get up to when he’s hit his screen time limit for the day? He and his wife share a love of traveling, visiting art shows and museums at home and abroad. You can also often find him at home cooking and grilling with his friends and family. Not every IT team can boast a world-traveling, system-administrating, chef whose former clients included monkeys and penguins!

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