A person with long dark hair and a mustache smiles warmly at the camera, wearing a gray button-up shirt against a dark background.

Favorite Quote:

Nothing of me is original, I am the combined efforts of everyone I’ve ever known.

-Chuck Palahniuk 

Hunter McKinney


Hunter McKinney, amshot’s Technical Alignment Manager, defies convention with a diverse career journey—from CNC operations in manufacturing to a decade-long stint in the restaurant industry, honing his customer service skills. Educated at OSU OKC and completing a Software Engineering bootcamp via OU outreach, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise and hands-on experience. Hunter thrives in the dynamic tech landscape that constantly challenges and sharpens his versatile skill set.

Beyond his career, he finds inspiration in striving for personal improvement daily. Drawing and the outdoors serve as his escapes, nurturing creativity and providing a respite from the tech-driven world. Hunter McKinney embodies the fusion of technology, art, and nature, driven by a relentless pursuit of growth and excellence.

Email Me: hmckinney@amshot.com