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amshot eats okc

amshot’s favorite local eateries, from breakfast to breweries

Typically, we do a lot of tech-talk around the office, but there is more to amshot than IT and software. As a local business, we are big supporters of the Keep It Local vibe in OKC and we like to get involved around the city as much as possible.

In fact, one of our favorite ways to empower our community comes around mealtimes.

We like to consider ourselves foodies, and we have tried more restaurants around the city than we are proud of, so our office took a poll on our favorite local spots. It was not easy to narrow the list down, but the winners are listed below.

Rise & Shine.

We might not all be morning people, but we are all big fans of breakfast at Sunnyside Diner.

Lunch Break.

Within walking distance from the office, the Thai Kitchen OKC never disappoints and we highly recommend it.

What’s for Dinner?

The Tokyo Japanese Restaurant is the tastiest way to get out of doing the dishes. It is perfect for date night or for a family dinner.

Sweet Tooth.

If you have not tried Pie Junkie yet, stop reading and go now! The pies are out-of-this-world and always welcome at amshot.

amshot After 5.

Our team is more than just work associates, so when quitting time comes around we often relocate to The Flea for drinks, games, and maybe even karaoke.

Good for What ALES You.

The brewery scene in OKC has exploded and made us craft-beer-drinkers very happy. However, this category was an easy pick for us. We are loyal to the Stonecloud Brewing Co.

Party of 10?

At amshot, we do a lot of team lunches, and it can be hard to find a place to accommodate our crew. For this category, we had a tie between a Bricktown favorite Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and the famous Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in Stockyard City.


While these are the winners of our office poll, we still had team members campaigning for their favorite joints and decided to make a separate section for the ones that narrowly missed the list. Here are a few more local spots that we recommend trying:

Empire Slice House, N D Foods, Old School Bagel Cafe

Our team is always looking to try new restaurants, so feel free to comment with your favorite local eateries!

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  1. amshot
    amshot says:


    We have some Ur/Bun fans here at the office, but we haven’t had the bowls yet! RIP Chae—glad to hear their legendary bowls are still available!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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