Aimee Eischen to be featured artist at amshot’s ExhibITion on May 12

You read that headline correctly—Do NOT contact your systems administrator! This month at amshot, we’re pulling the plug on IT education and instead giving you the download on our upcoming art gallery event, exhibITion: In the Unraveling

exhibITion is amshot’s local art gallery, engineered to give back to worthy causes while promoting Oklahoman artists and the Oklahoma City art community. This year’s exhibITion features Aimee Eischen and will be installed on May 12 from 5–8 pm at amshot headquarters located at 428 Dean A McGee Ave, Oklahoma City.

Aimee Eischen is an Oklahoma City-based abstract artist working in a variety of media, including acrylic, watercolor, graphite, charcoal, ink and oil pastels (think physical NFTs). Her vibrant and colorful paintings have been featured in galleries across the country.

exhibITion: In the Unraveling will compile a collection of Aimee’s mixed media abstract art, including her floral-style pieces. This collection will display a never-before-seen series of brightly colored abstract works filled with line and movement. Inspired by her literary background, Aimee begins the development of her paintings by writing down lyrics, poetry, or other personally significant text, which are then coded into the spirit of that particular work. 

Aimee commented:

Original art can transform a space both visually and emotionally with the energy it radiates. It can be calming, meditative, and uplifting. Art can inspire new ideas and relieve stress. Beautiful works of art in your space speak to your soul and connect you to the people around you.

exhibITion: In the Unraveling will benefit Halo Project, an Oklahoma City nonprofit organization that supports foster and adoptive families and works to meet the needs of vulnerable children in the community. Halo Project will receive the proceeds from all ticket sales and 15% of art sales.

To learn more about Aimee Eischen, check out her cloud-based website, instagram, and Facebook