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Roland Miguel

Photography courtesy of J. Michael Thurman

Headshot Self Portrait Roland Miguel

Roland Miguel is an Oklahoma visual artist working primarily in oils with a focus on representational art. In 2014, he left a corporate career to pursue his lifelong passion for art, which he calls “a transformative journey of discovery, growth, and encounters with serendipitous awakenings.”

“My guiding philosophy is, ‘Every image has a story and every story, its image.’ I strive to be an instrument of their communion,” he says.

ExhibITion: Water, Wind, and Other Wonders is a collection of Roland’s waterscapes, landscapes, and figurative work.

“There is something about water and wind that is transcendent and deeply alluring to the inmost origins of our senses. The earth is and will always be foundational in the grounding of our being; however, the water and the wind speak to places within us that long for a freeness and weightlessness of spirit. They feed our hopes and dreams in ways that cannot be captured in words,” he says.

“It is my hope that, as I explore these ever-flowing elements of nature, I not only capture the movement and beauty but dare to evoke the viewer’s deepest senses. Could these works possibly stir up one’s memories of the soft sand under foot, or the salty fragrance of the ocean’s breeze, or the weightless, refreshing freedom of bathing in the ocean’s caress?”

exhibITion: Water, Wind, and Other Wonders

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