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Emma Difani

Photography courtesy of J. Michael Thurman

A person is cutting an artisan art piece indoors.

Emma Difani is a visual artist from Albuquerque, NM, living and working in Oklahoma City. She is an active member of the Factory Obscura Collective, ART GRP and the Radical Intersectional Print Guild. Emma co-founded Connect:Collect, an annual international print exchange highlighting Oklahoma printmakers and connecting them with artists from around the world.

Everything Is Interesting is a collection curated from several different bodies of work centered around observation, connection and environment.

“I am fascinated by almost everything and instead of trying to fight that desire to discover and delve into a little of everything, I am trying to embrace it and encourage curiosity. I am reconciling that printing, painting, sculpting, cooking, planting, letter writing, walking and drawing are all integral and interconnected ways of understanding the world around me,” she says.

“My drawings and objects of paper and fabric consist of dozens of layers in watercolor, print and graphite. This layering reflects my training as a printmaker and mirrors the overlapping, complex spaces and communities, human or otherwise, that inhabit the places I draw.”

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