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Andrea Martin
Andrea Martin

Andrea Martin is a Native American artist from Tulsa, OK. Her abstract mixed media artwork is inspired by life, dreams, nature, and spiritually. She experiments with paint, media, and texture to create her dimensional style of art.

“As a painter since the age of 5, art has been the one constant joy in my life,” she says. She was motivated to develop a love for abstract art by a high school art teacher who once told her, “It’s okay to be weird.”

During the early 2000s, Andrea showed her artwork in festivals and galleries across the U.S. After taking a break of nearly a decade to become a mother and build a career as a respiratory therapist, she has returned to creating and exhibiting her work.

“I’ve transitioned into being a very different artist. My work now is three-dimensional and loaded with intense texture. Once I began sculpting on the canvas, I realized making flat paintings would never thrill me again,” she says.

“I always believed my plain exterior to be only a facade, I knew the woman within was much more complex. This is where my focus turned, and my work then evolved into something deeper, highly complicated, and much more dimensional.”

“I take an inward look to achieve an outward rendering of myself the artist. This is now the center of my art practice and how I became the art, and the art became me.”

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