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romy owens

Photography courtesy of J. Michael Thurman

A person is donning eyewear.

romy owens is an artist and curator living in Enid, Oklahoma. She makes site-specific installations, as well as smaller objects, in reaction to place, community, and transformation. Her curatorial work attends to a similar focus. Both owens’ artistic and curatorial practices are presently centered around community art designed to impact social change, using art as a method to broaden our understanding of specific issues.

owens began her practice as an artist in 2006 and as a curator in 2009. She was selected as the first Emerging Curator for Momentum OKC (2009), the first Emerging Artist of the Year by the Paseo Art Association (2010), the first Artist in Residence (2012) at the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, the first Curator in Residence of the Artist Invitational(2014-17) for Downtown OKC, Inc, and the first artist selected for the Artist Series at Leap Coffee Roasters. She has exhibited extensively with solo exhibitions and in group exhibitions.

In 2015, she completed The Unbearable Absence of Landscapes, a community-building site-specific installation at 108|Contemporary in Tulsa, which involved collaboration with 350+ knitters and seamers.

In 2016, she co-founded Current Studio with Kelsey Karper.

She is currently working on Under Her Wing was the Universe, an artist-led public art initiative in the City of Enid which creates a prairie, a pavilion, and a thousand stars.

Over the years, owens has worked with many Oklahoma organizations including Allied Arts, Arts Council Oklahoma City, Downtown OKC, Inc., Individual Artists of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Arts Council,  Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma Contemporary, Oklahomans for the Arts, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, Paseo Arts Association, and Plaza District.

owens’ art is part of private, public, corporate, and museum collections. She holds an MA in Photography and a BA in Media Studies.

exhibITion: That Art Really Tied the Room Together



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