Jason Zielke

Favorite Quote:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

— Bill Gates

Jason Zielke


Jason started his IT journey as the overnight computer operator for a local bank while going to school at OU. Upon graduation, he joined the IT department as a tech and diligently worked his way up the ladder to network engineer. After racking up 11 years of experience, he ventured to Chesapeake, where he worked as a field tech, before moving into deployment coordination and project management for 8 years. Following that, Jason notched two years at Devon in project management. He then added an IT role with Echo Energy. If you thought that last paragraph read like a math class word problem, we’ll solve it for you: Jason has ALL the experience. And what does he do with that experience? Jason is a natural problem solver, and his current role allows him to do what he does best—engaging with clients and eliminating their issues and pain points.

Outside of IT life, Jason has a wife and two daughters. Plus, he is a proud pet parent to an adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (the fanciest sounding breed of dog) named “Polly”. Not one to limit himself to a single species, he also keeps bees and chickens. When he gets bored of being on land, Jason is a SCUBA Instructor, with his oldest daughter serving as his dive buddy.

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