Thomas Le

Favorite Quote:

Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

— Confucius

Thomas Le

In high school, Thomas was the “tech guy” that fixed his all friends’ gadgets. He learned C++, built a web development business, and studied video game design before enlisting as a 25B (IT Specialist) in the United States Army Reserve where he served for eight years.

Between his extensive help desk experience (NMCI Network, Dell, Boeing, and more!), his video game design (he has a game published for iOS and Android!), his web development experience (he’s built a slew of websites!), and his computer language prowess (he knows seven programming languages!), Thomas’ comprehensive skill set helps him see projects through from start to finish. His job allows him to use knowledge from every facet of his career to impact user experience, restore broken things, and create something from nothing, and he thinks that’s pretty cool.

After hours, you can still find Thomas on a computer building websites and developing (or playing) games—at least until he hears a bark. Thomas’ spunky labrador mix Sergeant can only handle so many computer games before it’s time for his favorite game, fetch. Fetch with Sergeant involves throwing a ball, then chasing after him when he refuses to bring it back.

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