Stratton Lujan

Favorite Quote:

Don’t give them what you think they want. Give them what they never thought was possible.

― Orson Welles

Stratton Lujan

Stratton’s career in technology began as a student at Oklahoma City Community College while pursuing a degree in computer programming and working as an on-campus support technician. There, he developed a passion for IT infrastructure that guided his career.

While providing tech solutions across several industries and positions, Stratton developed a well-rounded understanding of the IT department’s role as well as each industry’s shared and unique needs. Upon joining the amshot Team, he had amassed over 10 years of experience — from Help Desk and networking to server-side deployment and administration.

Stratton’s loving wife and three beautiful daughters all enjoy reminding him that he is “a giant nerd.” His love for technology extends into video games, science fiction books, comics, and movies. True to his Oklahoma roots, he loves OU football and can be found watching the Sooners in Norman or on the couch with his dad on autumn Saturdays. Above all, he has a passion for fitness, partially so that he can spend more time roughhousing with his kids and annoying his wife by riling them up right before bedtime.