Nathan Kress

Favorite Quote:

If you can’t put it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

— Albert Einstein

Nathan Kress


Nathan is the kind of guy to get the job done right… and he’ll probably win a few awards while he’s at it.

In addition to impressive titles like Software Developer, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist, Nathan has also been the owner of his own consulting business. He has degrees from the University of Oklahoma in Data Science and Analytics (MS) and Management and Information Systems (BBA). He loves that this industry provides new challenges to help him keep his skills sharp.

If you’re thinking of labeling Nathan a super nerd, think again. He’s a singer and a songwriter and has performed with several bands. He’s also a filmmaker and composer. And you guessed it—he’s won multiple awards for his work. At LA Cinefest, he won Best Song in Film and was nominated for Best Score. At Mindfield Film Festival, he won Best Thriller for his science-based fictional film Many Worlds.

Despite all that, he still considers one of his best achievements to be riding a bicycle from San Francisco to Washington D.C. to raise funds for The Journey of Hope (Ability Experience)—an organization that supports individuals with disabilities. If there was an award for Biggest Heart, Nathan would probably win that too.

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