Lawrence Naff

Favorite Quote:

Those who demand that you conform the most to how they live are the ones who are the most scared and intimidated by life.

― Grace Jones

Lawrence Naff


Although born and raised in Oklahoma City, Lawrence’s skillset has taken him around the globe. Lawrence graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in interpersonal communications and the ability to speak three languages: English, Japanese, and Korean (the latter two were self-taught). When given the opportunity to teach English to children in rural South Korea, he took the job.

Born to a computer programmer, technology was always a part of Lawrence’s life and passions. After nearly three years as a teacher in South Korea, he moved back to the states, reclaiming his roots to pursue a technology-driven role at Dell and later at a large energy corporation. A natural organizer, he now enjoys “bringing order to chaos” in his role as amshot’s System Administrator.

Lawrence’s talents also include a booming art career. Inspired by the Japanese art of decoden, Lawrence began his artistic endeavors adorning his personal electronics and friends’ phone cases with gemstone mosaics. Realizing he wanted to create art with more permanence, he designed larger piece, sold it at his first exhibition, and has been jewel-encrusting various substrate ever since. When describing his art style, Lawrence references a quote from the Netflix series Worlds Weirdest Homes: “You cannot not like it. You must see that the work has been done. It’s like a masterpiece. It’s just different.”

Lawrence is highly active in the Oklahoma arts community and can often be found mingling at art-centric events. When recharging from art, you might find him watching thrillers or playing scary video games.

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