Landon Hendrickson

Favorite Quote:

Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’.

— Josey Wales

Landon Hendrickson

Landon is an all-around handyman. He knows a thing or two about home repairs, fixes up classic cars in his spare time, and began cultivating his techspertise at a young age as his “family’s IT department.” He dove into vocational tech support as soon as he got a chance and is currently working toward a degree in networking.

amshot’s resident clown makes sure there’s never a dull moment—whether he’s building a giant LEGO castle, leaving sticky notes around the office, drawing cartoons on the whiteboards, or wearing one of his disco shirts or retro blazers. But when it comes to the Help Desk, Landon takes his role seriously. His knack for technology and extensive customer service experience shines through when working with clients.

Outside of the office, you can find Landon zooming around the city on his bicycle, minibike, or ‘69 El Camino. He also enjoys playing guitar and piano, music production, video editing, drawing, video gaming, and building fast things—mostly cars, minibikes, and go-karts. Landon would call it, “living life in the fast lane.”