Vinyard Fruit & Vegetable Co.

Background: Vinyard came to amshot with an older site that had some functionality issues. They had a pre-existing logo and brand colors.

Client needed: A modernized, updated site with more images and a better user interface.

What we came up with: A modernized, mobile-friendly and user-friendly site that places an emphasis on quality produce with the generous use of images.

The previous site was text-heavy and tedious to navigate. The lack of images directed the focus away from the company’s high-quality produce. The site has a clean, modern white base and each page features images of brightly-colored, appealing produce for increased visual appeal and brand association.

The old Products page had functionality and user experience issues. The downloadable PDF document listed available produce without images and users often experienced difficultly with the AJAX window functionality. The new site features individual pages for each product subtype and brightly-colored product images.

The site now features two interactive forms: a contact form (rather than the email link previously provided) and an employment inquiry form that allows interested parties to submit a resume and contact information. A food safety page was recommended and developed to provide additional emphasis on the company’s commitment to quality products.

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