jamaica joe's

Jamaica Joe’s

Background: Jamaica Joe’s came to amshot with an older site that was not SEO compatible as it was largely image-based. They had a logo and brand colors.

Client needed: An SEO-compatible and mobile-friendly site that search engines could crawl.

What we came up with: A more traditional website with plenty of pictures and text elements discoverable by search engines. Jamaica Joe’s colorful logo and brand colors are toned down but still fun with the primarily grey, yellow, and white site. Brand-defining neon sign navigation buttons from the previous, image-based site were utilized as page headers, while a traditional navigation bar was implemented for search engine readability. The Home page now includes contact information and a map in the main body of the page, which is crucial for on-the-go consumers.

On the image-based older version of the site, mobile visitors would see a shrunken version of the desktop site, which was difficult to navigate. The new site is mobile-friendly and does not simply shrink, but rearranges elements for mobile usability.

The Grill and Billiards pages now display text menus, rather than images, that are searchable and able to be crawled by search engines, significantly increasing Jamaica Joe’s search engine visibility.

Images are still highly utilized in the gallery page, where a masonry gallery was used to give visitors an overall feel of Jamaica Joe’s atmosphere rather than viewing each image individually. On the website footer, Tournaments, and Leagues pages, employees are still able to use their process of uploading images of flyers to advertise upcoming events, but they are organized in a more readable way.


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