roan resources

Roan Resources

Background: Roan Resources came to amshot as a new organization with a one-page site that was not very developed. They had a logo and brand colors — two “back-to-back” letter Rs in deep blue hues.

Client needed: A multi-page but simple website, with an extra-simplified mobile version and a few unique touches.

What we came up with: A full-width, simplistic design with various shades of deep blue, using a sans-serif font that resembles their logo font. The mobile and tablet versions of the site feature the header images as the only text to make them easier to read and navigate — a lightweight and faster version of the site.

The images featured on the site were digitally enhanced for brighter colors that better complement the brand colors and reflect the company’s vibrant culture. After requesting a drone video header for their “About” page, the clients were referred to a local drone videographer that was able to produce a customized video.

Site visitors have the ability to upload resumes in the “Careers” section of the site, and investors and suppliers can download necessary documents in the “Contact” section.

Contact information is available on the home page and the Contact page and is not displayed in the footer for easier readability and simplicity, per the client’s request. Because the footer, which typically holds contact information, was fairly blank, an inverted-color version of the client’s logo is displayed to fill out the section.

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