opendoor baptist church

Open Door Baptist Church

Background: Open Door Baptist Church came to amshot with an older site that was somewhat outdated. They did not have a logo, but had previously chosen bright green and yellow as their brand colors to represent new life and sunshine.

Client needed: A logo, email addresses with the church’s web domain, and a modernized website where visitors could easily find church beliefs, service times, and contact information.

What we came up with: A logo that incorporated their brand colors, represented their organization’s name, and gave them a modern update. The logo mimics a door that is slightly open, but the clean, minimalistic shapes and sans serif font gives the brand a modern feel.

Email addresses were set up with the church’s web domain to add a level of professionalism and consistency to their organization. Their header image portrays an open door as well as their green and yellow brand colors, which are meant to represent new life and sunshine. The header image also displays their name-bearing Bible verse, and a script, handwritten-style font was chosen for the key words to add visual interest and reflect the appearance of old-timey Scripture. Immediately below the header image, Open Door’s tagline is displayed in the same script font.

The next section of the Home page gives the location of the church, some of their basic beliefs, and their foundational Bible verses. The home page also features an image of the church to help new visitors recognize the building, as well as their full contact information.

On all other pages of the website, service times, location, directions, and contact information can be found on the sidebar for easy access. The phone number can also be found on the preheader at the very top right of every page.

User experience was optimized on the “Know peace?” page, a FAQ section, by replacing a a long, difficult to read page with an accordion interface. Bullets on the About page were replaced with animated checkmarks for interactivity.

An audio sermon archive was included on the site as a resource for church members. In the future, amshot will work with Open Door Church to implement a live video feed page on their website to provide church members with additional resources.

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