Antioch Energy

Antioch Energy

Background: Antioch Energy came to amshot as a new company without a website. Their logo includes various shades of brown and a sophisticated font.

Client needed: A website that 1) featured their drone footage of downtown OKC where they are located, 2) incorporated more colors than their logo as not to look monochromatic, 3) included a timeline of their organization’s history, and 4) included a “newsroom” page that looked similar to a newspaper.

What we came up with: Antioch Energy had a specific set of requests that made designing their website fun and challenging. Their home page header “image” is a fullscreen video featuring their drone footage. The header is transparent as not to take away from the footage, but transitions into a regular, opaque header as visitors scroll down the page.

The header images on each page are brightly colored with yellows, blues, and browns to tie into the logo while providing visual interest.

A large part of the site’s appeal is its interactivity and movement, including the home page drone footage. To maintain the tech-savvy feel on yet another page, the About page features an Antioch Energy timeline that slides in from each side as the visitor scrolls down the page.

The site also has a Newsroom page that features images of actual Antioch Energy newspaper articles, as well as a grid-style press release layout reminiscent of a newspaper.

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