Events At 10 West Main

Events At 10 West Main

Background: Events at 10 West Main came to amshot as a new company without a website. They had a logo that was somewhat outdated and in need of a redesign.

Client needed: An image-oriented, classy site that showed off their venue, a revamped logo, and updated brand colors.

What we came up with: A modernized, cleaner version of their logo in neutral grey, white, off-white, and beige tones that reflect the colors found in their venue decor. A green-blue accent color was selected, not only because it is classy and adds visual interest, but also to mirror the color of the venue’s roof and the greenery often used in their floral arrangements. These colors were then used throughout the site.

The clients requested that the home page feature full-width photos—however, these high-resolution images are slow to load. To remedy this, a loading screen was added to allow images to load faster and reassure visitors that the full site is on its way (and not stuck in a never-ending loading screen).

As with other event venue sites we have designed, we used a “paralax,” style so all necessary information is listed on the front page, summarizing the features and allowing potential clients to quickly scan through relevant details.

A checklist of offerings was included to provide a simple, zero-effort way of learning the venue’s offerings.

Because venue images are vital to the client’s business, an image gallery is featured on the Gallery page/bottom of the Home page.

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