The Downtown Club of Oklahoma City

The Downtown Club of OKC

Background: The Downtown Club of OKC came to amshot with an older site that was somewhat outdated. The site was not dynamic; it was not mobile-friendly and appeared as a small square on large screens. They had a black, white, and grey logo featuring a tower with a small gold window and an all caps, sans-serif font.

Client needed: A modernized site with a mobile-friendly page featuring their monthly speakers.

What we came up with: The Downtown Club of OKC had a header image of the Oklahoma City skyline, but it was older and did not include the recently built Devon Tower. We took their original image, added in the Devon Tower to complete the skyline, and simplified the color, leaving the original blue sky for visual interest but colorizing the skyline gold to match the brand’s accent color.

The speaker page is crucial to the organization, whose main events are meetups featuring notable speakers. On the old site, the speaker calendar was not mobile-friendly as it was previously formatted as a table. We reformatted the page to appear correctly on any size device.

The header font is all caps and sans serif to mirror the logo font.

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