Apple’s all in one messaging solution iMessages from OS X Mountain Lion

Between AIM, Gchat, Yahoo and FaceTime there are many different ways to communicate, but how do you know which one to choose from. Now available in Beta Apple has introduced the all new iMessages from OS X Mountain Lion. While this is only helpful to those of us working off of a Apple computer it is a huge step into the future. The new iMessage was created to consolidate conversations into one centralized location regardless of where it was originally created. Meaning, if you were to start a text in your car, once you got back to the office you could pick up from where you left off on either your computer, iPad or even your iPod. iMessage not only gathers all of your interaction into one spot, but it also communicates with other services like AIM and Gchat and many more. Virtually replacing SMS texting so you can eventually eliminate part of your cellular bill.


Want to be some of the first to start using the all new iMessage click HERE 

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